Great Lakes Business Directories

R. L. Polk & Co.’s Marine Directory of the Great Lakes (1884-91)

  • 1884
  • 1888
  • Another volume has survived from 1891

Beeson’s Marine Directory (1888-1921)

Blue Book of American Shipping (1896-1913)

Green’s Directory¬†(1909-1963, originally Mitchell’s)

Great Lakes Red Book (1899-1994)

Several other titles appeared over the course of the twentieth century including the International Ship Masters’ Association of the Great Lakes Directory (1898-c1967), Greenwood and Dill’s (1973-1995), the obscure Travers’s Marine Directory (Duluth, the 12th ed. was 1910) and on the popular front, Know Your Ships (1959-), which is still very active.

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